How I can seek information under the RTI Act?
One can write a letter addressed to Public Information Officer, CBSE ( Click here for detailed address and jurisdiction) and ask for the information he/she desires. One should specifically write the following in the letter:-
(i) Information required
(ii) Details of Fee of Rs 10/- sent by the applicant( Should be attached in form of a Demand Draft/Postal order in name of Secretary, CBSE).
(iii)Fee in Cash can also be deposited with the Cashier of the HQ or the concerned Regional Offices.
(iv) Address of the applicant where the information is to be sent

Is there any form of applying under RTI?
As such CBSE does not prescribe any form for seeking information under RTI Act. One can simply write a request along with the fee and information required. Applicants belonging to BPL (Below poverty line) are exempt from depositing the fee subject to production of the proof.

What if I want a photocopy of the documents/information available with the CBSE?
If you want a copy of some documents you have to send the photocopying charges( 2 Rs /copy) along with the postal charges to send the documents.

What if I do not get a reply?
Normally information is sent within 30 days from the receipt of the RTI application in CBSE. However, if you do not get a reply you can submit the first appeal to the appellate authority (Click her)