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  1. Normally admission to St. Anthony’s School is in LKG Class only. Admission to other classes usually in the month of March, depends on vacancies available, and is also based on tests in the standard immediately below that for which admission is sought, and on interviews with both parents and the candidate.
  2. Once selected for admission to any class, the parents should fill in the admission form with the utmost care, and no subsequent changes will be permitted.
  3. Signatures of both parents must be given on the admission form, and either signature will be valid for all transactions while the candidate continues to be in St. Anthony’s School. The signing of the admission form constitutes an undertaking by the parents that they will abide by the rules governing the school, as contained in this prospectus or amended later
  4. New candidates must be introduced personally by the parents and they will be responsible for the fees, as also the conduct and studies of the pupils.
  5. Proper certificates with the names of the candidate and his parents must be submitted along with copies, and no affidavits will be accepted. A student who has attended a recognized school must present a transfer certificate before she/he can be admitted to St. Anthony’s School. A Christian pupil must also present a certificate of baptism and a letter of membership from the local pastor.
  6. At all levels of admission, school transport is independent of admissions.
  7. The Principal is the final authority in all matters of admission of individual students in the school.
  8. One may consider himself admitted only after payment of all fees required at the time of admission. Subsequent withdrawal, or non attendance on the required day will mean the cancellation of the admission and no refund will be considered except for the caution money if applicable.

Kindly note the following

» Recommendation letters are not welcome.
» Do not give money or gifts to anyone for securing admission. Beware of third parties making false claims of having close contact with the school authorities or collecting money on behalf of the school. Many are cheated every year. So please take care. Your co-operation in exposing and bringing to justice such touts would be greatly appreciated by the school authorities and the general public.
» All enquiries should be addressed to the Principal at the school office.
» It is not possible to accommodate all the applicants. Hence once admission results are declared, Please do not disturb the Principal with further requests for consideration for admission.

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