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Co-curricular Activities form an integral part of school as they help to develop self-confidence and self esteem of the students. Co-curricular activities reflect the diverse interest of the students and lead to all round development of them.

St. Anthony’s School considers not only the cognitive development of its students but also the other aspects of their personality as equally significant to be developed or nutured.To enhance the students’ all round developemnt and cultivate varied interest, a strong academic foundation, is complemented with a rich selection of co-curricular activities.These activities form a regular part of the school curriculum and a spirit of healthy competition is generated through inter house, interclass and inter school competitionss.

Our Activities includes to name a few of them like Debate, Art and Craft, Quiz, Instrumental Music, Clay modelling, Personality Development, Dramatics, Exhibitions, Western Dance, Food day, Singing ,Fancy Dress.

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