Date of Birth
Date of Appointment
Fr.Nathaniel OFM MANAGER 22nd January 01/04/2019 Trained Confirmed

Sr. Juvan Pinto PRINCIPAL     Trained Confirmed


Rita Chermako


CLERICAL, PUC, TTC, B.A 24th May 16/04/2007 Trained Confirmed


Justina Panna


B.A, TTC 30th November 29/04/2008 Trained Confirmed Justina Panna


Carlus Besra


B.A, M.A 31 July 21/01/2009


Tapasi Suklabiadya M.A, B.Ed   06/04/2017 Trained  
Stavelin George M.Sc, B. Ed 6th October 01/02/2010 Trained Confirmed Stavelin George
Anidas Nath M.Library Science 30th October 17/01/2011 Untrained Confirmed
Jahnabi Tamuli B.A,  Montessori 1st December 17/01/2011 Trained Confirmed Jahnabi Tamuli
Merlin Moshahari B. A 3rd May 17/01/2011 Untrained Probation Merlin Moshahari
Nimisha Gupta M.Sc, B. Ed 30th January 04/02/2012 Trained Confirmed Nimisha Gupta
Damus Ramchiary B.Sc , M.A 8th November 02/04/2012 Untrained Probation Damus Ramchiary
Nalini Sangma PUC 12th November 16/01/2013 Untrained Probation Nalini Sangma
Sanjita Kataki B.A, B. Ed 31st March 18/01/2013 Trained Confirmed Sanjita Kataki
Bharati Tamuli PUC 17th October 13/02/2013 Untrained Probation
Chandana Boro M.A, B. Ed 7th March 06/06/2013 Trained Probation Chandana Boro
Swarapita Das B.A,  B. Ed, (HR) 4th November 18/01/2014 Trained Probation Swarapita Das
Pallabi Hazarika M.A 4th May 18/01/2014 Untrained Probation Pallabi Hazarika
Jayasree Goswami B.A, B.Ed 26th May 18/01/2014 Trained Probation Jayasree Goswami
Pallavi Baruah B.A 30th November 18/01/2014 Untrained Probation Pallavi Baruah
Lily Barla ACCOUNTANT / B.A 21st November 18/01/2014 Trained Probation
Mampi Baruah PRT, B.A 1st September 18/01/2014 Untrained Probation Mampi Baruah
Purnima Saikia PRT, M.A 10th May 18/01/2014 Untrained Probation Purnima Saikia
Gautam Dev Sarma PGT, MCA 4th January 09/04/2015 Untrained Probation Gautam Dev Sarma
Jancy Paul PRT, B.A, Montessori 4th March 09/04/2015 Trained Probation Jancy Paul
Blinda Syngkli PRT, B.A 4th January 09/04/2015 Untrained Probation Blinda Syngkli
Pauline Narzary PRT, PUC 19th November 09/04/2015 Untrained Probation Paulin Narzary
Malabya Das PGT, M.A, B. Ed 3rd November 01/10/2015 Trained Contract
Ashok Joshi PGT, M.Sc, B. Ed 2nd June 01/12/2015 Trained Probation Ashok Joshi
Biswajyoti Devi TGT, B.A, B. PED 17th September 02/01/2016 Trained Probation biswajyoti
Francis Arokiaswamy PRT, B.A 14th June 10/02/2016 Untrained Probation
Sangeeta Barla TGT, B.A, B.Ed 6th August 18/04/2016 Trained Probation Sangeeta Barla
Nisha Chandran PRT, M.COM 24th August 28/04/2016 Untrained Probation Nisha Chandran
A.P.Soudamini PRT, M.A, M.Phil 10th December 16/05/2016 Untrained Probation A.P.Soudamini
Louisa Masih BA   07/06/2016   Probation

Tapashi Suklabaidya MA, B. Ed   13/02/2017    

Banu Kanagaraj MA, B Ed   21/11/2016    

Suhashree Banerjee M Sc, B.Ed   05/02/2017    


Mary Selvia     17/04/201    


Julius Aind     16/05/2017