School transport will be considered for those admitted to the school, if available on the particular route.

School will not be responsible, for the unavailability of the bus service in certain areas, or on certain routes, and parents must take this into account at the time of admission or at the time of change of residence.

Every student who uses the transport must carry with him the bus pass which may be asked for at any time on the bus by the monitor or other authorized persons.

A written application is required for the use of the bus. To discontinue the bus a written application must be given and the fees for the quarter paid. Bus fees are to be paid for 11 months only, on monthly basis along with the school fees at the school office.

School reserves the right to deny the use of the bus to any student at any time, to change the route or to cancel any particular route, if it becomes necessary. Preference for bus will be given to the students of lower classes, and senior students may be denied the use of the bus.


Entrance to the laboratory is restricted to the period given for practicals, or with the consent of the Teacher and the permission of the Principal provided that the lab assistant is present.

Any damage done in the lab must be made good by the student, and if the student is not identified, by the class that used the lab.

Every precaution and safely suggestion made by the teacher/ lab assistant must be followed.