8th August Table recitation competition (1&2)
9th August Solo singing (1 to 5)
10th August PTM - Result day
12th August Bakri-Eid
15th August Independence day/Raksha Bandhan
17th August Collage competition (6 to10)
19th August Elocution competition (6 to 10)
20th August Tithi of Sri Madhav Dev
21st August Spelling bee-(6to10)
23rd August Solo dance competition (1 to 5)
24th August Janmashtami
27th August Story writing competition (6 to 10)
28th August Poetry writing competition (6 to 10)
30th August English skit competition (6 to 8)
31st August Greeting card making competition
                   (1 to 10), Parents meeting (4-5)